Befriend a Car Dealer Near You in Baltimore Maryland – No Money Down Car Dealers Baltimore

Car loans in MarylandYou want the quick and easy way to buy a car? Online and can get you set up but the best way to get the auto loan rate you want and can handle with bad credit in Baltimore Maryland is to befriend the car dealer. 

Go into the car dealership nearest you and don’t be a chatty Kathy but talk to the same dealer everyday get to know his name and keep doing it until the day you want to purchase a new car.

See car dealers are people too they like to interact and yes we know they get a bad image because they want to make the sales. So don’t let them make a sale on you. Start to get to know them and they will spill out the information on the cars and know exactly what your looking for.

Plus they won’t want to sell you on the “extras” they know you don’t want and they won’t sell you hard because now they know you as a friend and friends bring more business.

Low on Cash For a Car in Baltimore Maryland

So if your low on cash or are looking for no money down cars in Baltimore Maryland work on befriending the car dealer before you buy and remember that being connected to people via relationships is not a bad idea.

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